Loft Conversions in Built Spaces

So you are planning to convert a part of your home into a loft? Well there are some of the things that you need to know before you convert a part of your existing living space into a loft. There are both Advantages and disadvantage that one may face after converting a part of their living space into a loft. Let’s compare the two for you so you can draw a conclusion of your own as to what would be the most feasible for you. The first and the foremost thing would be draw a floor plan and examine the current space. Use the Measurements to draw up a workable and true Existing floor plan of the space that you want to incorporate into a loft. Examine the Current Structural, Plumbing, Mechanical and Electrical Layouts and know how you would change them required and the effect of that change. After Drawing up the Current Plan then draw up a future or Proposed Plan of how the space would become and compare the two.

If you are not aware of it, then hire an Architect who could do both the jobs for you. Sometimes the comparison Will tell you that maybe a function or the sort of space that you envisioned would not be able to Create/built in the Current space available so then you can move onto thinking the other spatial uses and benefits. This space Analysis is very important. Sometimes loft conversion is a very smart idea as it opens up arenas for more functions of the space. You should know what kind of the space that you want in your loft. What is the sort of space that you are giving up on in order to make a loft? The Converted Loft space can be used for a number of purposes. For example as a sleeping area for guests, as an additional Bed room, as a quiet study, as a work place for Artists and Architects an entertainment Den and so on.

If it is a quiet reading area that you want to make you can add a moderate amount of shelves and Reading desk with your favorite chair type. However before converting a space into a loft, consider what that space is currently being used for. If it is a Storage area and you are a collector then you probably need to use that space just for Storage and the Advantage of conversion of that space into a loft wouldn’t be worth the storage space that you are losing. One should be aware of the Necessary By laws and Permission Schedules and Formalities. If it’s a rented space that you are living in then you need to ask the Land lord.

Some of the major issues which may affect the Residence Permanently are the structural Changes that one may have to do. For that you need the Permission of the Landlord. Any Structural Changes usually end up decreasing the amount of functional Furniture, storage and Benches that you previously could incorporate in that area and cannot after the change. But then again it is highly dependent upon the change. Sometimes the Lofts after the change provide a Very functional space unlike before. An Example is by Cleaning and Clearing out the area, Setting the Adequate Furniture and Putting the Essentials in, are all very good ways of Making the Space more useable and Beneficial.

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