Hydroponic Fodder Machine – What is it?

Growing plants do not necessitate the use of soil anymore when hydroponics entered the picture.  If you raise cattle then you face the dilemma of producing enough fodder to feed them. The production of fodder mostly depends on space, time and water.  In addition, you must consider the safety, nutrition, and health of your herd.

Scientists have now developed a machine that will help cattle raisers to help them address the problem about the lack of fodder production due to the main issues as said above. They called it hydroponic fodder machine.

There are variations of this machine nowadays. One manufacturer said their product can produce a ton of fodder in eighth days which is enough to feed 10 cattle for 10 days while saving ample of space.  On the other hand, another manufacturer guarantees the benefits of their machine to produce regular supply of all-year round fodder regardless of climate conditions. They claim it can be setup to produce pesticide and dust-free food as well while maintaining high energy protein, vitamins and calcium.

One advantage of these machines is they can be set up to use also for growing other crops aside from fodder.

Researchers said cattle that eat hydroponic fodder tend to produce a high volume of milk and have considerable body weight versus the ones that eat fodder produced from conventional way.

If you are a cattle raiser then this might be the solution for you but consider your budget as these machines can cost you hefty amount. This is where the old adage “the end must justify the means” will help you decide.

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