How to convert DVD to AVI

Now a day it is easy to convert DVD to AVI and AVI to DVD format. The two task and the others can easily transfer other data with video editing software.

AVI is a type of a video set-up which is regularly used at present, and you can use a unique piece of software called a DVD ripper to convert the AVI format into a DVD format with a single click.

Special Software for the Conversion

Majority of the DVDs has high quality; most of this is large size. DVD can store up to 4GB. Using some special software to convert the content like DVD to AVI or MPG file is easy and less space. Storing video to save memorable moments using special software you can convert it the format you want.

Software Has User Friendly Interface

Video software has a user friendly interface that will guide you through a step by step process of converting the DVD into AVI format. You should first insert the DVD into your DVD drive and then start the program. If DVD files are stored on the computer itself you can start ripping the files from the computer immediately.

Settings in Software

Make your own settings by changing the features in input setting dialog box also the audio settings. To convert AVI format or MPG set the output settings dialog box in opt. Choose the screen size, video format (PAL or NTSC) and the audio. Changing of setting is depending on you.

Compression Methods

MP3 is audio compression methods it small but it has good quality of sound and has large size of storage. You can change the output setting into export settings dialog box and select the settings you want. Screen setting depends on you if you want it wide or normal. Some settings don’t need to be change it is highly for professional use only.

Destination for Saving

You can then use the file menu to browse to the destination folder where you want the final AVI file to be saved. Then click on the record button and the process of conversion will begin. You can also use the conversion software to convert audio files from the DVD to MP# format or other formats such as FLV and MP4. The converted AVI files can then be save to your computer system or portable music player.

Use the conversion software to convert your audio files from DVD or to other format. Converted AVI files

Use a Decryptor

DVDs can also convert into small AVI files with the use of split DVD option. By the use of Split DVD option you can only convert the part that you want to see. If there’s an error simply download DVD decryptor and unprotect it.

Pinnacle studio is the best and extremely advanced in settings and functions because of professional video software. Majority of the converting DVD software into AVI format can avail in reasonable price.

Converting FLAC to MP3 in Microsoft Windows

Converting some of your file audio from FLAC to MP3 format can be completed through various free softwares you can avail them in the market. Example, the two mixture of free Winamp, Apple’s iTunes and Software, it is capable to convert FLAC files proficiency.

Converting your audio files format from FLAC to MP3

1.            First thing is to translate flac files, you need to open Winamp and go to Options and click Preferences (Shortcut: Control+P)

2.            Go to the left window, choose Plug-ins, and click output. Select Nullsoft Disk Writer and Configure at the bottom.

3.            After that, select button at the side of Directory next find a way to file where Winamp be supposed to convert files or you may browse directory in same file where your FLAC is to make all things easy.

4.            IF you choose directory select OK and Close with no changes of settings and exit Preferences.

5.            Go to Winamps again ensure that Repeat and Shuffle features are off (otherwise you may endless loop of conversions) go to File select Open (right clicking will help you to open it in easier way)

6.            Surf the folder content and with Flac and highlight all (Ctrl+A) and click Open.

7.            You can try Winamp as if it is playing the chosen FLAC files in mute mode, unfortunately it’s not; it is translating the FLAC files to the wav files. Generally the procedure takes less more or less 6 minutes. But the process is depending on your hardware.

8.            If Winamp is through, ensure that putting you put output setting back to DirectSound output.

9.            it’s time to program wav files into mp3 files. First is to organize iTunes upon opening go to Edit and Preferences.

10.          After that go to Advanced and importing tab, in the Import using options choose MP3 Encoder. Then select OK.

11.          Afterwards add the wav containing files by selecting File and Add Folder to Library. Look for the right folder and select OK.

12.          If all the wav files are available in iTunes, highlight all, right click and choose Convert Select to MP3.

13.          When it is finished, you will hear a little “beep” from iTunes that sign reminding you to remove wav files from your playlist for confusion avoiding.

14.          Browsing newly converted mp3 files in iTunes folder in My Documents and My Music is the best location.

Note: You can seek for the help of professional if some steps are slightly hard there are many free programs in the Market you can convert FLAC files to MP3 files directly.

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